Get to Know Us

Street Gamez is the dream of 13-year-old Stephon Marquis Sanders. Stephon is the son of 10-year Army Veteran Tiffany-Autumn Bell. Throughout her years of service, they have bonded over his love for sports, especially basketball and video games. For his 8th birthday, after returning from 29 months in Afghanistan, Tiffany hired a mobile arcade company which would later become the inspiration for Stephon to have his very own mobile gaming company. He would play video games daily, and his mom would say, "Steph, you need to be productive and find what you are passionate about because you can't play video games your entire life." So, he came up with the concept of having a mobile video gaming company that would allow kids like himself to become entrepreneurs. He wasn't sure how he was going to accomplish this, but he had goals, dreams, and aspirations accompanied by a vision and a plan. Today, with the help of his mom and supporters, Stephon is the youngest company owner in his family and a proud "Young Mogul." Stephon wants to play college basketball and make his own video games when he's older that he hopes will be played on all his mobile theaters across the U.S.